A guide to house building in South Africa

A guide to house building in South Africa

Author: Kirstin Lund

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Planning: Building costs

What will a new build cost (updated April 2024)? There is no question that building costs have dramatically increased in the last few years. Speaking


Build: Superstructure

This is seemingly the quickest and most fun part of the building process. Walls can fly up in a matter of weeks and spaces become

Polished concrete

Design: Flooring

It’s a minefield out there – ceramic, porcelain or natural tiles, screed, engineered or solid wood, laminate, carpet…here are some tips. Firstly, stick to a


Finishes: Landscaping

Undoubtedly the crowning glory of a new house. Nothing makes the inside of a house come alive more than a beautiful view out to the


Build: Concrete slabs

When building a house, you will require concrete slab work of some kind, either on the ground or in the form of suspended floors. Ground

Kitchen design

Design: Kitchens

Designing a practical, but beautiful kitchen. Most high end kitchens are designed by people that don’t use them, for clients that hardly cook. Very true


Finishes: Security

South African homes have to have effective safety measures in place. One contractor can generally complete the whole installation. The most common devices are: House

NHBRC enrollment forms
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Planning: NHBRC enrollment checklist

Why do you need to do a NHBRC enrollment? Officially, the NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council) mandate is to ‘protect the interests of housing


Finishes: Paint and sealer

A finicky process right at the end of a build. It’s tempting to rush this bit, but take great care. Many paints/sealers can actually ruin


Design: Secrets of a great floor plan

The devil’s in the details. It’s as simple as that. You cannot spend enough time considering every little nuance, feature and light detail. That is