A guide to house building in South Africa

A guide to house building in South Africa

Author: Kirstin Lund


Design: Bathrooms

These seemingly little spaces can cause big headaches as there is so much detailed planning required. Spend a lot of time on your bathroom design.


Planning: Building for the future

It’s the fourth industrial revolution and EVERYTHING is changing. Or so everyone is making us believe. Sadly, South African building sites are still pretty much

House plans

Planning: Building timelines

How long does it take to build a house in South Africa? Once all your plans are approved and your admin is done, there is

Case Studies

Case study 3: An extension

Cape Town, Hout Bay 2011. We managed to build a compact, cool house on the mountain by investing all our money, and precious weekends. We

Case Studies

Case study 2: New build No. 1

Hout Bay, Cape Town 2002. There is nothing like being presented with a blank canvas. We stumbled on a little, private estate against the mountain

Case Study 1
Case Studies

Case study 1: Renovation No.1

Cape Town, City Bowl 2001 The biggest advantage of buying off plan is that you skip the transfer fees. These continually creep up in SA

Building red tape

Planning: Compliance regulations

Once your NHBRC enrollment is complete (click here for more information regarding NHBRC) you have to be aware or other site compliance issues, including the

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Planning: Building costs

What will a new build cost? In 2022, building costs for a new house can be anything from R12 000 to R17 000 a square


Build: Superstructure

This is seemingly the quickest and most fun part of the building process. Walls can fly up in a matter of weeks and spaces become

Polished concrete

Design: Flooring

It’s a minefield out there – ceramic, porcelain or natural tiles, screed, engineered or solid wood, laminate, carpet…here are some tips. Firstly, stick to a