A guide to house building in South Africa

Author: Kirstin Lund

Estate facilities

Blog: Security Estates

I’ve seen the future of estate living, and it’s happening on the KZN north coast! With Zimbali leading the way many decades ago, the addition


Finishes: Fireplaces

Most new homes are fitted with an internal fireplace or two to complete the atmospheric and aesthetic appeal. Of course, they provide heat too in


Blog: Sketching house plans

Some people do puzzles or soduko. I sketch house plans. Or give myself house plan challenges. The most economical design, the smallest space (e.g. a

Building admin

Planning: Building admin

Managing money If you want your project to stay within a tight budget range, you have to keep a daily record of your spend and

House plans
Case Studies

Case Study 5: New build no.3

Cape Town, Hout Bay 2015 A large, mountain side plot with sweeping north facing views of the village and valley tempted us to attempt the


Finishes: Pool

South Africa’s most loved garden accessory! It’s become a trend to place water near the house as it brings life to the structure, while the


Planning: Building Terminology

Pre-build building terminology Sketch drawings First set of drawings done by an architect for concept purposes. Often include more elevation sketches with coloured landscaping and

Case Studies

Case study 7: New build No.4

Johannesburg, Saxonwold 2018. After a frustrating renovation, nothing beats the clean, fresh canvas that is an empty stand. Now that we’d chosen the inner hub


Blog: Lessons learnt

Today I did my normal site visit and stumbled on a huge problem with the slab form work. Slab, concrete, steel, stone – you know