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Most new homes are fitted with an internal fireplace or two to complete the atmospheric and aesthetic appeal. Of course, they provide heat too in

Home desk
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Tips on creating a basic home office

It appears the lifestyle guru’s predictions for home ‘cocooning’ (or shall we just stick to ‘home isolation’) could not have been truer. Most of the

Case Studies

Sketching plans

Some people do puzzles or soduko. I sketch house plans. Or give myself house plan challenges. The most economical design, the smallest space (e.g. a

Building admin

Planning: Building admin

Managing money If you want your project to stay within a tight budget range, you have to keep a daily record of your spend and

House plans
Case Studies

Case Study: New build no.3

Cape Town, Hout Bay 2015 A large, mountain side plot with sweeping north facing views of the village and valley tempted us to attempt the


Finishes: Pool

South Africa’s most loved garden accessory! It’s become a trend to place water near the house as it brings life to the structure, while the


Planning: Building Terminology

Pre-build building terminology Sketch drawings First set of drawings done by an architect for concept purposes. Often include more elevations sketches with coloured landscaping and

Case Studies

Case study: New build No.4

Johannesburg, Saxonwold 2018. After a frustrating renovation, nothing beats the clean, fresh canvas that is an empty stand. Now that we’d chosen the inner hub

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Case study: Lessons learnt

Today I did my normal site visit and stumbled on a huge problem with the slab form work. Slab, concrete, steel, stone – you know

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Case study: Renovation No.2

Johannesburg, The Parks 2015 There is a reason I love building new houses from scratch – renovations are hard! Firstly, the main reason you’re probably