A guide to house building in South Africa

A guide to house building in South Africa

Author: Kirstin Lund

Case Studies

Case Study 8: New build No.4

Zululami Estate, Sheffield Beach 2022 Although intending to stay in Johannesburg longer, the Covid epidemic brought significant changes to my husband’s work place and he


Blog: Pitfalls and warning signs

I’ve recently had some correspondence from people experiencing major stress and anxiety with developers and their builds. This is what advice I can give you


Blog: SABauhaus VISI feature

I was honoured to have the website featured in the Octover/November 2020 VISI magazine. Below is the full text of my question and answers, a

Estate facilities

Blog: Security Estates

I’ve seen the future of estate living, and it’s happening on the KZN north coast! With Zimbali leading the way many decades ago, the addition


Finishes: Fireplaces

Most new homes are fitted with an internal fireplace or two to complete the atmospheric and aesthetic appeal. Of course, they provide heat too in