A guide to house building in South Africa

A guide to house building in South Africa

Finishes: Security

South African homes have to have effective safety measures in place. One contractor can generally complete the whole installation.

The most common devices are:

  • House alarm
  • Outdoor beams
  • Electric fence
  • Intercom/cameras

All electrical plans must provide conduiting for all of the above. Alarm and beam sensors can be battery operated (and many security installers prefer these), but you will need to replace the batteries and they have a slight delayed action to save on power.

Also provide one or two conduits for alarm keypads and main transmitter box (which will also have the siren, so consider placement carefully).

Same for electric fence power box which will need conduiting to the boundary wall and power supply. This box needs to be out of earshot (garage or outdoors) as they can make a clicking noise.

Electric fence siren should then be able to integrate into the main alarm system.

Entrance intercoms or camera points need to be linked to the house (or other residential units on the property) with power supply too.

Consider beam positions carefully. Also, best to use ones that are not pet friendly as intruders can crawl underneath.

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